Cord Lock on a Drawstring Bag

Product description:  A Cord lock is a lightweight plastic fastener typically used for cord fastening, or tightening a drawstring.

Alternate product names:  Cord fastener, plastic fastener, cord end, plastic lock, cord clasp, cord snap hardware.

Alternate styles:  Cord locks are most commonly made of plastic with steel or stainless steel springs.  They can also be found in wood, steel, brass, and glass.  Plastic cord locks come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.  At we have a great selection. Below, you will find just a small example of the many styles and colors that Strapworks has to offer.

Rounded Cord LocksSquare Cord LocksAll Cord LocksDisc Shaped Cord LocksFlat Barrel Cord Locks

Common uses:  Plastic colored cord locks can be found attached to drawstrings on jackets, hooded sweatshirts, swim trunks, on the bottom of jogging/warm-up pants to tighten the cuff, camp chairs or sleeping bag sacks, sport ditty bags, wine bottle bags, mitten/glove cuffs, and the end of shoe laces. 

How to use:  Cord locks are very simple to use.  Simply thread whatever cord you are using through the opening of the cord lock, then tie a knot at the end of your cord.  Most cord locks have holes that can accomodate 1/8" cord doubled. 

Common restrictions:  It is not recommended to use cord locks for an application where they are going to support a lot of weight.  They are meant for light duty applications only.  Most springs in the locks are made with stainless steel, which makes them highly resistant to corrosion and rust.